MagSafe 接頭有安全隱憂


MacBook Magnetic MagSafe Connector Not So Safe After All
MagSafe 這種磁性的接頭其實並不是那麼的安全

Apple’s magnetic Mag”Safe” connector on its Intel-based MacBook must be inappropriately named.
在 Intel 架構下的 MacBook ,他的「MagSafe」磁性接頭其實並不名副其實。

How safe is a connector that bursts into flames with no provocation?

This happened to a MacBook belonging to Rogier Mulder, who took pictures of the connectors and posted them on Flickr.
這件狗屁倒灶的事情發生在 Rogier Mulder 的 MacBook 上面,然後他老兄把照片拍下來放到 Flickr 上

Adding insult to injury, soon thereafter Apple contacted Mulder and asked that the pictures be removed,
事情發生後,Apple 聯絡了 Rogier ,然後叫他老兄照片趕快撤掉。

and he meekly complied. But that didn’t work, Apple, because here are the pictures, right here.
然後他老兄就照辦了;但是其實這沒用,因為這邊還有照片 (噗)

Anyway, Apple quickly attempted to make things right with Mulder:
不論如何,蘋果試著想要補償 Rogier 。

“Apple support responded very well (thanks Klaas) and fast. Before I called our local Apple support line,the dutch engineers were already contacted by their US collegues (who saw the pics) to inquire if I already called in. I’m getting a new Macbook asap and I will return my current one.”

Rogier 說道:「蘋果的支援來的很快,甚至在我打電話給當地的蘋果經銷商之前就來了,因為有個荷蘭的工程師看到圖片之後,就聯絡了他們美國的 collegues 以展開調查。還有,如果我已經打了電話,那我會很快的得到一台新的 MacBook ,然後把我的 MacBook 還回去。」

Maybe Apple should change the name of this product to the FireBook.
或許蘋果電腦應該把 MacBook 改名成為 FireBook (roga: Apple 不是把 IEEE1394 叫個 Firewire 嗎?那再多個 FireBook 也不為過吧,哈哈! /* 算了,超冷的,好難笑 */ )

It’ll be interesting to see how the Cupertino company spins this one. Your move, Apple.

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不過這個「燒起來」還讓我覺得滿有趣的,可能是設計瑕疵,也可能是品管不良。anyway,這種事情會被放到網路上討論,表示外國人或許是對蘋果的品質相當信賴,所以一燒起來那位外國老兄就不爽了(外國人: 蘋果不會燒起來的!) 但是今天如果是 PC 的話,我想這類事情根本就是司空見慣吧 😛


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  1. 如果是PC的話….爆炸也是很常見的……


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