DE SOTO ITU Trisuit 2008

我一直很想買一件 TRISUIT ,不過在台灣選擇很少,所以我都在國外的網站看,我最喜歡的牌子大概就是 DE SOTO 了!因為口碑不錯,而且是美國製造,只是缺點是台灣買不到,很慘!

後來在亂逛的時候發現 ONE TRI 有在零售 DE SOTO 的東西,所以我買了一個號碼帶,一件 TRISUIT 還有一個心跳錶:

1 x De Soto Men’s ITU Trisuit 2008 – Color/Size: Black/S $179.95
1 x De Soto Race Number Belt 2008 – Color: Black $7.95
1 x Polar RS400 Heart Rate Monitor Watch – $269.95

為了確定衣服的 SIZE ,所以我跑到 DE SOTO 的官方網站去查,發現我適合的尺寸是外國人的 S – 也就是身高在 5’6″ 到 5’8″ ,體重在 145 磅左右的人。


This Trisuit abides by all the rules set forth by the 2008 International Triathlon Union uniform requirements (available at

So if you plan on racing in a trisuit in any ITU event in 2008, you might as well get a trisuit that will be approved for many years to come.

This stunning trisuit is made of a combination of Carrera™ Skin and Lycra® Power™ (see Fabric Facts). It is offered in a men’s version and a women’s version. It has a 12-inch (30 cm) YKK® zipper in back, as specified by ITU rules (zippers can no longer be in front). It is constructed with panels that will accomodate all the required specifications: country name, athlete name, and sponsor logos. This suit comes with the option of the official ITU logo on the right upper chest for no additional charge.

The trisuit has a colorful one-piece pad (men’s version and women’s version) that floats which means it will only help you swim faster. This unique pad stretches with the short and follows your skin as it moves on the bike and run, eliminating the friction that can cause irritation or rashes. The pad is a thin version of our famous 400-Mile Pad used in our 2008 bike shorts and bib shorts.

We double-lined areas around the midsection to keep it from being see-through. It has no pockets and is made to fit snug so you can wear it under a wetsuit, or swim in it in non-wetsuit races.

這件衣服符合 ITU 所制定的服裝規則(雖然我只是非常業餘的玩家,而且 I am still not qualified to have it, 可是我還是忍不住買了),拉鍊在背後,前胸可以打上贊助商的商標名稱。護墊的縫線滾邊外露,貼身的設計也可以讓你游得比較快,而且剪裁男女有別,不用擔心!另外這個護墊也可以降低惱人的摩擦力,這個護墊是 DE SOTO 知名的 400-Mile Pad 的精簡版(400-Mile Pad應用在 2008 年的 2008 bike shorts and bib shorts)。

這件衣服沒有口袋,在雙縫線區域(身體中間和大腿部份)可透視,可以方便穿在WEI SUIT 裡面,非常合身。

會選在 ONE TRI 購買是因為我覺得這家線上 Triathlon Store 介面還不錯,而且支援國際寄送,線上付款是用 PAYPAL,雖然運費貴了些,但是價格很透明,也會幫客戶用 USPS 的 EMS 寄送,只要四天就可以寄達台灣,我是 8/2 下的訂單,他在 8/5 就寄出去了,寄出去的同時會發給你一封 MAIL 裡面註明 USPS 的 Tracking Number ,讓你方便追蹤你的貨物。

前幾天我還在部隊的時候,老媽告訴我她收到了美國寄來的 EMS ,不過包裹上面只註明兩樣東西 – RACE SUIT 和 RACE BELT ,而且金額是 200.8 美金,和我訂購的金額也不同(咦,我不是買三樣嗎?金額不是 495.6 美金嗎?)。

所以我便用手機寫了封 mail 給 ONE TRI ,結果他今天(8/12)給我的回覆是:「Robert, I apologize about the lack of communication, but your heart rate monitor is shipping seperately at no extra cost to you. It will be shipping today or tomorrow. We did not want to delay your suit, because we thought that it was important for you to have as soon as possible. Thanks」


放假回到家之後,當然等不及要拆我的包裹啦 :mrgreen:

我收到的國際郵件包裹,只有 RACE SUIT 和 RACE BELT ,沒有 Heart Rate Monitor …

打開收據,裡面寫了三行字「This will be shipped seperately」,意思就是說 Polar 的心跳錶會另外寄送,所以他是有說的,只是我還沒回家拆開包裹之前並不曉得,才會急著寫信去問他… 😯










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