APT-GET / Wajig Command note.

apt-get and wajig are based on dpkg, we usually use them to manage packages.

here are some notes.

apt-get update or wajig update
– for update package database, but it will not upgrade the package.

apt-get upgrade or wajig upgrade
– for upgrade the package.

apt-get dist-upgrade or wajig dist-upgrade
– for upgrade the whole distribution.

apt-get install [package name] or wajig install [package name]
– for install package.

apt-get remove [package name] or wajig remove [package name]
– for remove package.

apt-get --purge remove [package name] or wajig purge [package name]
– for remove package and configs.

apt-get source
– for get the source file.

apt-get clean
– for clean the downloaded .deb files.

apt-get check
– for check the apt-get problems.

wajig whichpkg [command | file name]
– for seach the package of the command or file name.

wajig detail [package name]
– for list the detail of the package

* must run apt-get and wajig as root. please man apt-get/ wajig for more information.

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