handmade cpu copper cooler for Dell XPS M1330

My friend Dandy Sun has a Dell XPS M1330, it was a “hot machine”. so he made a cpu copper cooler in his own factory yesterday.

now, his notebook got a “cool” cpu.

I’d like to ask him to made one for me, but unfortunately, he is in mainland China now.
if you are interested in this staff, please visits his blog: Dell XPS M1330 散熱器改裝記錄.

4 comments on “handmade cpu copper cooler for Dell XPS M1330
  1. roga says:

    I know that my website is blocked by the Great Fire Wall. ha, it’s awesome.

  2. roga says:

    thanks a lot, buddy!

  3. Dandy Sun says:

    Give me the size of copper cooler that you want, I will send it to you.

    Of course, for free. XD

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