“Get Your Plurk” Plugin for WordPress

“Get your Plurk” could get your plurks from www.plurk.com, and show it on your sidebar.
You may enable cache option to save the PHP page gerneration time.


  • 可以快取抓回來的頁面,並且自訂快取時間
  • Cache the plurks, you can config the setting in admin panel.
  • 可以決定要不要顯示時間、使用者名稱
  • Show date & time for each plurk or not.
  • 支援 Widget 動態拖曳到側攔上
  • Widget support.
  • 外部 CSS 檔案,可以自己定義
  • Customize CSS file.
  • 自定義語系檔,目前支援英文和繁體中文
  • Support localization config file, Traditional Chinese and English.


* Put the “get-your-plurk” folder to plugin folders.
* Make a cache folder like /wp-content/cache/ if the cache folder is not exists.
* add a cache file named “cache.tmp”, now you have a cache file like: “wp-content/cache/gyp-cache.tmp”
* chmod the “gyp-cahce.tmp” file permission to writable (chmod 666 cache.tmp).
* active the plugin.

** cd /wp-content
** mkdir cache
** cd cahce
** touch gyp-cache.tmp
** chmod 777 gyp-cache.tmp


  • * 1.1.3 – display username or not, move the cache file path, some code improve.
  • * 1.1.1 – fix some css problem.
  • * 1.1.0 – plurk looks and feel, and localization config file support. remove the “show link option”.
  • * 1.0.5 – fix some readme error and default options.
  • * 1.0.0 – first release.


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37 thoughts on ““Get Your Plurk” Plugin for WordPress”

  1. 你好 我很喜歡這個外掛

    請問一下這外掛能不能使用在分頁之中呢? 想當成是短文碎碎念那樣

  2. 您好,我裝了你的 get you plurk 後覺得很實用,但是我的系統會一直出現
    Warning: strpos() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in D:\xampp\htdocs\blog\wp-includes\rss.php on line 577


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