Bones – The Bump in the Road (S07E08) 經典台詞

這一集的 Bones 裡面 Finn Abernathy 的台詞實在太經典了 (筆記)

Finn Abernathy (Jeffersonian Institute 法醫部門的實習生)
Camille Saroyan (Jeffersonian Institute 法醫部門的老闆)
Michelle Welton (Camille Saroyan 的女兒)

=> Finn 和 Michelle 初次見面

Finn: 我覺得妳的那張照片實在不夠好
Finn: Well, I can tell you that picture of you ain’t kind enough.

Finn: 很明顯,他們還沒發明出一種能還妳公道的照相機
Finn: Clearly, they haven’t invented a camera that can do right by you.

=> Finn 的工作是鑑識骸骨

Finn: 有那麼一刻 你讓我忘記了死亡的可怕
Finn: For a second there, you made me forget the horrors of death.

=> Finn 和 Michelle 約會

Finn: 捉住陽光的光線比得到美麗姑娘的笑容更容易
Finn: It’s easier to catch a ray of sunshine than the smile of a beautiful woman.

=> Finn 對 Dr. Saroyan 表示無法離開 Michelle

Finn: Saroyan博士, 我沒法不和你女兒約會
Finn: Dr. Saroyan, I can’t stop seeing your daughter.

Camille: 什麼? 你不能?
Camille: What? You can’t?

Finn: 因為… 我時時刻刻都在想念 Michelle
Finn: You see, because… I think about Michelle all the time.

Finn: 如果我因此離開了她,那我怎麼還能算是個男人
Finn: And I wouldn’t be much of a man if I walked out on her.

Finn: 所以,不
Finn: So, no, ma’am,

Finn: 我不會停止和 Michelle 約會
Finn: I can’t stop seeing Michelle.

Finn: 如果因此你不讓我在這裡繼續工作
Finn: And if that means you don’t want me to work here anymore,

Finn: 那也是我必須承擔的後果
Finn: well, that’s something I’m going to have to swallow.

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