Video Player review for Apple TV (4th gen)

I need an app to play media files on NAS thru SMB/CIFS, so I bought an Apple TV (4th gen) and some apps.

review date: 2016/01/09

don’t buy it. no subtitle support, even can’t forward/backward. it’s junk.

best video player in tvOS for now. no list view (bug and suggestion: )

Can’t adjust subtitle font size. If you got multiple srt files in the same folder, the app just can load 1 file, besides you can’t choose other srt file from the menu (even can’t see it), and laggy plackback.

Video Explorer
Can’t streaming mkv video file via SMB/CIFS, it will load whole file to apple tv (WTF?)

VLC Player
some files no audio , can’t adjust subtitle size, video rendering not smooth. still buggy.

junk apps just waste money.

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