Month: November 2008

using the Gravatar in WordPress.

Gravatar is Globally Recognized Avatar, It can be identified by your email address or ID in The Great WordPress supported gravatar system above version 2.5, we can show the avator icon by the function get_avatar(); I patch my theme

handmade cpu copper cooler for Dell XPS M1330

My friend Dandy Sun has a Dell XPS M1330, it was a “hot machine”. so he made a cpu copper cooler in his own factory yesterday. now, his notebook got a “cool” cpu. I’d like to ask him to made

APT-GET / Wajig Command note.

apt-get and wajig are based on dpkg, we usually use them to manage packages. here are some notes.

That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

JULIET: It’s only your name that is my enemy; You are yourself, not even a Montague. What’s “Montague?” It is not a hand, or a foot, or an arm, or a face, or any other part belonging to a man.

Using Command Line Interface to import a MySQL database.

Sometimes we don’t have a database management system(DBMS) in our server, so we need to use command line interface to CREATE and IMPORT a database.

The HTTP Server Data Compression

The HTTP Server usually transfers data without compression by default. I searched in the Internet and found an article to teach me how to load and configure the compression module. (mod_deflate)


今天收「癮科技」的 RSS 時看到「這就是人生呀(  ̄ c ̄)y▂ξ,笑談現代人作息的手錶」,才發現這真的和我的作息沒什麼兩樣…

WordPress 加速!

WordPress Optimization 有很多方法,根據 Codex 裡面的 WordPress Optimization/Cheat Sheet 有幾個方向: Server Optimization DNS onto a separate server Web Server optimization – ! PHP acceleration / optimization – ! MySQL tweaking (query cache, etc) – ! WordPress Performance Remove unused plugins –

MySQL 資料庫儲存引擎的選用

最近在工作上遇到一個資料庫的問題,主要是 MySQL 儲存引擎的選用。但我對各種儲存引擎其實不甚瞭解,在應用上往往也是用預設值,現在面臨了嚴重的問題,只好查資料來幫我釐清觀念。 這篇文章主要討論 Memory, MyISAM, InnoDB 三種儲存引擎,因為我只選用這三種。首先,先看個我做了很久的表格吧!

timezone 時區設置問題

以下是針對 Debian Linux 系統所寫: 常常我們會在系統看到的時間和真正的時間差了八小時。這是因為系統預設是使用 UTC 時間 解決方法是: