Month: November 2008

using the Gravatar in WordPress.

Gravatar is Globally Recognized Avatar, It can be identified by your email address or ID in The Great WordPress supported gravatar system above version 2.5, we can show the avator icon by the function get_avatar(); I patch my theme

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handmade cpu copper cooler for Dell XPS M1330

My friend Dandy Sun has a Dell XPS M1330, it was a “hot machine”. so he made a cpu copper cooler in his own factory yesterday. now, his notebook got a “cool” cpu. I’d like to ask him to made

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APT-GET / Wajig Command note.

apt-get and wajig are based on dpkg, we usually use them to manage packages. here are some notes.

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That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

JULIET: It’s only your name that is my enemy; You are yourself, not even a Montague. What’s “Montague?” It is not a hand, or a foot, or an arm, or a face, or any other part belonging to a man.

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Using Command Line Interface to import a MySQL database.

Sometimes we don’t have a database management system(DBMS) in our server, so we need to use command line interface to CREATE and IMPORT a database.

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